Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dark Forest

I'm into this Dark Forest theme these days. Owls, Stags, Mystical Beasts n' such...the Witch's cottage deep in the thick of the woods! I found these great pics on my favorite Design/Fashion blog, Kalidescope Eyes. I can't help it, I love fur! But I would NEVER buy new fur. At this point in history, we humans have no excuse to kill helpless animals in the name of Fashion!
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Just look at that fur blanket. Have you ever seen Conan the Barbarian? Remember that hot scene, where Conan meets the sexy Sorceress...she lived in a beautiful cave like dwelling, her Love Den was covered in fur!Image Hosted by
My mom has a full length white fox that I'm been dying to get my hands on. She's hasn't worn it in 15 years! I'd like to recycle it and make some giant throw pillows.
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Check out Ouno Design...Ouno (pronounced "OO-no") makes one-of-a-kind and limited-edition decor accessories - bags and fashion accessories for men and women, pillows, bedding, throws & blankets, floor cushions, rugs and wall hangings, sculptural objects and conversation pieces. Virtually all of their soft furnishings and accessories are "upcycled" from vintage fur coats!


Anonymous said...

It seems you have some ethical issues with fur. Don't.
You may want to start thinking why conservationists are now speaking up and saying that fur is not just eco friendly but also protects animal habitats. Makes sense: if we need animals we protect them. You know deep down your mum's fox fur is probably such good quality that it could no have involved cruelty to the animals: stress leads to fur loss so they have to be well cared for unlike battery chickens.
I am a fashion designer and no longer have ethical issues afer visiting a number of fur farms with incredibly good animal welfare and also met native people who rely on fur trade. For many people leather is considered akay because we eat the meat but in fact we also do with many fur bearers. Nutria for example aswell as rabbit is always used (as is beaver which is a delicacy among Cree indians)for meat too.

Fashion designer Paula Lishman is head of the Canadian fur council and her husband is one of the world's most famous conservationists Bill Lishman. Check out what they have to say:

so stop beating yourself up over it and at least enjoy your mum's fur. The anti fur movement is over....especially now it has been exposed what they have been up to while making others feel guilty;

best regards from Paris/London

Anonymous said...

Dear Paris/London,

That obviously wasn't a sick joke. You seem quite assured that there is nothing cruel about the ways in which these skins are harvested.
So I guess you needn't bother to consider the psychology behind wearing the skin of another animal.
Only humans are so sick that we find it 'beautiful' to peel the skin from an animal and adorn ourselves in it. I'm sure that there are many well maintained 'fur farms' (the term nauseates me) but you mustn't be so naive to ignore the hundreds that aren't. Take for example, the number of cheap exports coming out of China at the moment. Take a minute to think of their human rights record, let alone their treatment of animals. Does the term 'skinned alive' ring any bells? And don't just scan over those words. If you can really defend your argument, you'll be willing to take a moment to consider exactly what this means.

We weren't given our own fur to keep warm, but we were given minds to evolve and learn how to protect ourselves. We've come a long way since the neanderthal man and thankfully no longer need to harm others for our own selfish and typically human needs. Humans do not own the earth. We are part of it.

Now, Lady Lavona, I can completely understand from an aesthetic point of view, the appeal of a luxurious white pelt, but I beg you, stand firm in your convictions. If you are recycling, you are not contributing to murder and there is no guilt upon your head, but buying new products will only continue these cycles of violence. I find it incredible that so many animals live and die for the vanity of the few people who can afford and justify the wearing of fur.

Anonymous, I would like you to know that while I am aware of the work of PETA, I am in no way associated. But please be reminded that the anti-fur movement is in no way over. Your qualms with PETA do not discredit the movement.
I along with many of the up-and-comings of the Australian fashion industry are outraged and disgusted by the likes of you who persist this hopeless justification of such inconceiveable violence, cruelty and unchecked vanity.
Wake up and smell the formaldehyde!