Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jamie Baldridge

To say that Jamie Baldridge is an imaginative genius is an understatement. His book The Everywhere Chronicles is at the top of my wishlist! The Everywhere Chronicles is available through the prestigious publishing company, 21ST Editions.

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Only 50 editions exsist...33 regular editions at $7500 each and 17 Museum editions at $14,000 each! A beautiful custom made clam shell box, holds a handbound book. The book contains 12 bound prints, plus 1 fully signed and free-standing, pigment ink print for you to frame and display. Dark landscapes, odd characters, and magical surrealism are woven together by a curious fictional journal written by Jamie. Monotype letterpresss text is printed on the finest paper. The book is signed by the artist and publisher. No second editions will ever be made!

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Blood Milk said...

these look so odd & lovely.