Sunday, September 21, 2008

Madeline von Foerster

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I haven't checked in with Madeline von Foerster for quite some time (Thanks Suzanne!) I fell in love with her work when I saw her Alchemy series for the first time. Her latest series titled WALDKAMMER (Forest Cabinet), rocks my world! Her current body of work is accompanied by a very insightful and sensitive narrative about Man's destructive relationship with Mother Nature, particularly our current deforestation crisis.

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These works will be unveiled at Strychnin Berlin in November. Please contact Madeline if you’re interested in seeing some selected works that will be in that show:


Suzanne said...

Awww... thanks for the mention, my dear!

Madeline just emailed me saying that she feels a bit uncomfortable about me posting a link to the sneak preview because it was obviously only sent out to mailing list subscribers and is therefore semi-public.

I changed my blog post accordingly with an email link to her instead of a URL to the preview section and I guess it would be great for her if you could edit your post too.

Sorry for this rather dull comment, but I'm über-braindead after a long, long working day.

May I take this opportunity to say that I adore your work (both written here and crafted over on Etsy)?

Love & (fake vegan) monkey brains,

- Suzanne


Oh Dear! I'll change that right away...Thanks for letting me know! xo Lavona

p.s. I love your blog too! Wurtzeltod is like an essential Vitamin...gotta have it!


O.K. everything is all good! I recieved a lovely email from Madeline, and she gave me permission to post this!

nefaeria said...

Beautiful! I know they are not really similar, but her work reminds me a little bit of Mark Ryden's 'The Creatrix'.