Monday, September 15, 2008

Lisa Black

Here's a creepy curiosity I stumbled upon recently! A wind-up taxidermy alligator "fixed" by Lisa Black. If you like the alligator, wait till you see what she did to Bambi! eeek!

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Rima said...

This is marvellous!!
Looking forward to your CoC street team... let me know if there's any news :)

Purest Green said...

This a wonderful blog. On Sunday I read the whole thing. Looking forward to more. Sophia-

himom said...

i was looking up the poison diaries online because i am obsessed with that book and i stumbled across your page. oh my god. i love everything that you have on here. Finally i meet someone who has almost identical taste to me! i have never used E blogger before but i signed up just then so i could write this comment.
i would love to talk to you!
email me sometime!

ps. My name is Riley. yours is Lavona?

Lola Enchanted said...

WoW~ that is different!!!
So neat!!!


you will love this-


Good call...Mike Libby rocks, I blogged about him way back:

You should explore the archives of my Cabinet, lots of goodies there! xo Lavona

Anonymous said...

You find the most interesting husband would love this! We use to have an iguana and this would remind him of her.

Ulla said...

WONDERFUL! Very Steampunk!