Monday, September 8, 2008

Keith E. Lo Bue

Keith E. Lo Bue is my one of my favorite mixed media artists, if not my favorite! Every little detail in his found object art assemblages is amazing and awe inspiring! Much of his art is wearable, I'm particularly drawn to his neck odornments. I couldn't decide on just one piece so I chose three! You really need to go to his website to explore each piece up close. Make sure you click on each image to see the fine details of each piece. This one for example has eight views...the back is magnificent too, if you peep through the lens, a tiny surprise is revealed!
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Izabella said...

oh my!! what an awesome blog!!

I see we have alot of the same loves, in common, for one Keith! I have several of his pieces!

I am going to be lost in your blog for quite awhile with all these amazing links that you are sharing ;)

till next time~

xo ~Izabella

nefaeria said...

I am in agreement with Izabella, what an awesome blog, we have added you to our favourites. :)

And good call on Kieth Lo Bue, his art is spectacular!




Thank you for stopping by ladies! I'm glad you enjoy the's a labor of love! It's nice to get some feedback from my readers.

Warm Regards,
xo Lavona

Curious Art said...

Fascinating stuff-- I especially like the top piece.