Thursday, January 15, 2009

Melancholy Darlings

French photographer Andy Julia really knows how to capture the darker essence of his models. If you browse through his online gallery, you'll notice he infuses goth and fetish elements while transending the confines of the genres. He seems to have mastered the ability to balance the sacred and profane, beauty and vulgarity. His work is timeless, and reflects the true spirit of Dark Romanticism.

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Anonymous said...

just lovely!

verhext said...

Oooh, great inspiration for the Edwardian Ball next weekend!


Are you going!? I'm sooo jealous! I feel like I'm missing the prom!

Verhext said...

quick, zip on a plane! i want to go to Friday and Saturday but I'm treating 2 friends so only Saturday it is. I'm thinking of coming up with something crazy and Poiret inspired...ideas?

Claire said...

Wow, I love photos of red head models - makes me realise what mine could do (in this case, it'd need to be longer and a bit redder).