Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kitchen Witchery!

I'm currently cleaning the hell out of my house...literally! Spooks and goblins love a messy unorganized house! But getting rid of negativity is easy to do. Add Lemomgrass or Lavender essential oil to your mop water, it's sure to lift your spirits! Burn White Sage for purification and Sweetgrass for harmony! Sprinkle sea salt outside of your front and back doors to ward off evil on a Full Moon. Sprinkle Cinamon and Sugar to invite joy and sweetness on a New Moon!

I want to make each room of my house a Sacred Space! My kitchen is undergoing a transformation of sorts...I want it to be cozy and magical! After I closed my storefront, I stopped doing Tarot readings for people (with the exception of close friends) because I don't have enough space for a reading room in my house. I'm just going to have to get over it and give readings in my kitchen! I've collected some great witchy antiques! It all started with this cast iron tea trivet! (It's so nice to offer tea when reading someone's Tarot.) Just recently I found the cutest cast iron witch bell and bird feet candle holders! I also got this sweet cast iron mortar and pestal...it's huge compared to my old one and weighs like 10 pounds! Time to get my mojo workin!

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Bells are used to ward off evil spirits! If you ever get the heebie jeebies rattle a bell throughout your house to chase away the unwanted visitor. Bells can be used for summoning spirits too!

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This year I need to invite my pals over more often for Tea and Tarot! I've been such a hermit...

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verhext said...

hyperventilating over the bell and the iron-rest and the mortar and pestle! i have a pretty marble one and a wooden one from prague (mortar and pestle, that is), this one is so lovely.

we do monthly witchery teas, it's really been amazing. i wish you could come!!

Blood Milk said...

i'll be right over.


Yay! I would LOOOVE if you girls came to visit!

Lola Enchanted said...

looks amazing!! I can't imagine what it all is going to look like when your done!

Worker Bee said...

Oh where oh where did you find the trivet? Is there more for sale?


I got the trivet for $8 at this hidden place called Jan's Antique's in Chicago's Fulton Market District where all the meat packing plants and such are. I used to live in a 7000 sq. ft loft space (with a bunch of other artists) about 8 years ago. About a block away from Jan's. My friend Doc and I bought an old claw foot tub from her...for $150 bucks, no rust! We had to build our own bathroom and kitchen at our loft space. We ran an Underground Art gallery out of our space too...but we were eventually thrown out when our landlord sold our building, he made millions!

The neighborhood has since been gentrified and all the amazing artist spaces are now luxury condos...5 star restaurants. Jan's is still there and sometimes you can still find treasure! She has two floors (about 14,000 sq. ft) of junk. You literally have to squeeze through and climb over mountains of stuff...it's great. Most of it is all salvaged from old buildings and churches...heaven!

Oh my God...there I go ranting...sooo I'm quite attached to my little trivet, but if I should find something like it I'll let you know! xo! LL

Anonymous said...

that's not a witch bell, the figures are of two ladies in traditional Welsh dress, as is the last picture a table of Welsh woman. I'm Welsh, from UK, get loads of that stuff here. They are definitely not witches! I'm not offended, just wanted to point it out. Great blog by the way :)