Friday, December 19, 2008

Idiots: industrial evolution

My friend Maïssa sent me the link to the artist duo known as Idiots. I'm totally at a loss for words...this kind of work invokes so many emotions all at once. The 'Idiots' have taken the taxidermy arts to a whole new level! They incorporate ceramics, handblown glass, forged metal, decorative embroidery, intricate bead work, ect...incredible! Just go check out their amazing site! Also, I've added a Wunderkammer section on the left, with links to art inspired by Cabinets of Curiosity and Wunderkammer!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

*All animals used are from recycled taxidermy, found or donated. No animals are killed for use in their work.


Blood Milk said...

these are really lovely.

Christie said...

And don't you know that I think these are absolutely amazing!

Verhext said...

um, my heart actually stopped when i saw that second one.

Mon Petit Fantome said...

i have to agree with verhext...the necklace is truly beyond amazing!

Anonymous said...

On the actual site, the taxidermy sleeping lioness whose back half is dissolving into melting metal is just amazing. I absolutely love it.

Sue said...

Wow, what fabulous things you have to show and tell!