Monday, December 8, 2008

Tagged Twice!

Happy Monday Everyone! So I've been tagged...twice actually! First by Leila of the Red Heart Cult and then by Chad of Mon Petit Fantome! I'm supposed to list 6 random things about myself and then tag 5 other people. Since this has already gone around our little nook of the blogosphere, almost everyone I know has gotten this already! Instead I will list 5 of my favorite magickal blogs for you to check out! So about those random we go!

1. I don't have a favorite color...I like them ALL!

2. I am a Libra, with a Virgo Moon and Sagittarius rising! I believe "God" provides a map for those seeking direction in life. If you are interested in getting an astrology chart done I highly recommend my friend Sarolta DeFaltay! Sarolta is a sixth generation intuitive, raised by her Hungarian mother, also an astrologer!

3. My Father is 100% Irish...and Proud! We are of the "Black Irish" variety. A term used to describe the Irish with curly black hair and contrasting fair skin (as oppossed to the red haired, blue eyed type). There is a lot of romantic lore associated with the Black Irish. Some say that they are the descendants of shipwrecked sailors of the Spanish Armada...Spanish Moors! (My Father stands by this notion.) Some stories say that the Black Irish were the original inhabitants of the Ireland. Others will argue that we are descendants of Portuguese-Gypsies. One of my favorite theories is that the Black Irish/Celts are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Isreal...Sons of Josef. Proponents of this theory point to various parallels between Irish and ancient Hebrew culture. Some maintain that the Tribe of Dan conducted sea voyages to Ireland and colonized it as early as the period of the Judges under the name Tuatha Dé Danann. I also find the Manifesto of the Black Thorn League facinating! It's a theory of heretical Islamic & Moorish cultural strands linking Celtic neo-paganism, esoteric Christianity, & the Arthurian cycle, thru Sufism & Masonry. Any Black Irish out there!?

4. My Nana (Great-Grandmother, maternal side) was an Italian Gypsy. Her name in Italian was Consetta Magdalena Curcio. She came to America when she was a little girl. As the oldest of 8 children she had to work at an early age. With only a 4th grade education under her belt, she began working in a pencil factory. When she married my English Grandfather she "Americanized" her name and became Mrs. Constance Hancock. Her friends called her Connie! At thirteen she began doing intuitive readings by using cards and reading palms. She did this until she was in her 80's! She pinched every penny and purchased real estate all over the city of Chicago, some of which is still owned by our family. When I was just a little girl...she said I had "the gift"...and taught me about "the old ways". Starting at age 13, I began studying on my own. I'll still read any kind of mystical-metaphysical information I can get my hands on. I am a proud Hereditary Witch!

5. My Venus is in Leo...I am a hopeless romantic and my love affairs are always intense, passionate an sometimes volatile! I take Love very seriously. I believe that relationships are a mirrors to the Soul. I believe that Love and Sex are the Ultimate form of Magick and Spirituality! The correct combination (Chemistry) can lead to Transformation, Spiritual Liberation, Enlightenment, and dipicted by the Lovers card in the Tarot. My Loves have assumed many different archetypes and I've worn my share of, mother, saint, slut, ect... BEAUTY and the BEAST is a recurring relationship theme, with roles reversing during different I've been told "you're a real beast of a woman"! The other theme is the Union of Opposites. I tend to be intensely attracted to my polar opposite, whether it be cultural or personality type. Shiva/Shaki aka Sol/Moon as described by Tantric Teachings speaks not only of sexual union but of the spiritual alchemy that takes place in the Heart and Mind! When Hermetic Philosophers point torwards our future as Androgynous beings, it is a metaphor about having balanced elements of both Sol (male) and Luna (Female) aspects, and ultimately contained one intertwined body and soul. Even Jesus knew what was up and he said: "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female . . .then you will enter the Kingdom." Alchemists believed androgynous beings were divine and contained the ability to ward off evil. They were often shown defeating serpents or even images of the devil. It was believed that only through combined male and female forces, the power of The Mercurial Dragon could be defeated. Relationships ruled by the "Devil" are usually self-destructive, addictive, and/or co-dependent in nature...power struggles. I call these type of relationships Shadow Play. Sooo bad but you just can't get enough! When I'm suffering, I try to recognize that that I'm projecting my own Shadow onto another person...the Scapegoat. The struggle/battle is generally with we are truly our own worst enemy. However, I think if two partners are conscious of the role playing that's going of Bondage and Punishment can be fun and even cathartic! You can work out buried issues instead of creating new ones! For example: I realize I can be a very unruly girl...I have typical Daddy issues, he wasn't around much. So I can benefit from a good spanking now and again! hehee! One shouldn't be repress these tendancies! Further more I believe Love is All you Need...the Truth will Set you Free...the Jewel is in the Lotus! Amen!

6. Throughout my life I've suffered from periodic episodes of madness and depression. However, I don't believe one should be treated with medication for such "dis-eases" or "dis-orders" Seek spiritual council/healing before you start popping those pills. Modern medication can prolong problems by putting users into a dangerous state of complacency. One should dive into the depths of the subconscious and start excavating! We need to confront our demons and can't build on negative energy or surely your house will be haunted! Shamanic cultures (both ancient and contemporary) treat illness from a spiritual perspective. They "look" into the persons Auric field (bio-energy field) to search for the interference. Metal illness leads to Physical illness. Know that the Body, Mind and Spirit is all interconnected. For example if you live in Fear or Anxiety (whether it be conscious or unconscious) as a result of a past can lead to disease and disorder. The breakdown of the immune system goes hand in hand with our mental landscape. Defeat your Demons! there you have it! I think I was supposed to tell you about my favorite things or quirks about myself. But then I caught the Holy Ghost or something! And now, those 5 magickal blogs I promised to reveal:

1. The Hermitage
3. Angeliska Gazette
4. The Unicorn Diaries
5. Dame Darcy


Whichcraft said...

That was a great write-up! Rather than just give a description of yourself, your wrote interesting information that can apply to everyone.

Since I've always had a big crush on Black Irish men (I'm the red headed Scots variety), I found that part particularly interesting. I've been of the belief that they were the original inhabitants of Ireland, the natives of the land, before the redheaded Vikings invaded (hmmm... that might explain a few things about me). Anyway, it's good food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Dropped you a note on your etsy site
which I love. I wish I could have seen your store.
Check out a book by Stanislav Grof
and his wife called Spiritual Emergency as well as google spiritual emergence. It resonates with your
experience of working through depression. I found it to be an amazing insightful book!
Thank you for always unearthing wonderful curiosities!

Naamah said...

I once had a woman do my makeup for a TV interview in California. She was a pro who had traveled all over Europe. I sat down and she said "You're Irish, aren't you?"

I thought this was odd, considering I'm short with ultra-fine, dark hair, dark eyes, and olive-tinted skin that is nevertheless very pale -- and I'm 3/4 Irish (and what isn't Irish is Danish).

Apparently, a lot of folks in Ireland look like me. I was rather happy to hear this.


Yes, I can spot a Black Irishman/woman from a mile away! Beautiful people!

Rose...thank you for the book reference! I'll check it out!

Dr Zibbs said...

Great blog!