Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Precious Things...

I just wanted to show you some Precious Things from fellow team members of Etsy's Cabinet of Curiosities! If you're still running around looking for the perfect holiday gift, check out these treasures! I love this porcelain 'Essence Vessel' from charmfoundry. I bought two to give as Christmas gifts...but I think I need to buy one for myself too!

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Poodlebreath has beautiful little mementos as well. I love this porcelain wall sculpture...it's so otherworldly! It reminds me of the saying "hidden spirits, helping hands" in reference to the presence of our ancestors.

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Poodlebreath also has sweet Forest Chic brooches and pendants! I'm especially in love with the Wolf...but Bear, Rabbit, and Deer are also available. (I think I just coined the term Forest Chic and I'm gonna drive you all crazy with it!)

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Mon Petit Fantome said...

I looooove Poodlebreath something fierce. So many great things in her shop!

Hannah said...

Hi! I'm so looking forward to your store update after Christmas! If you look at some of the pictures I've just posted you might be able to see some of your beautiful hunting relics! I have the amethyst, a tooth and the cherub ^_^ Next up, little teeth!

Leila Marvel said...

I adore Poodlebreathe's brooches, especially the one with the hands, like a tragic fairy tale. They are quite breathtaking.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

I have one of Kate's vessels and its wonderful. I'm waiting for JUST the right opportunity to use it. She also does amazing collagework too.