Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear God...

I have been a very good girl! I really want a new Volvo but I'll settle for a new Kronan bike, please send me lots of money! Love, Lavona

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The Kronan Bicycle was developed (over 60 years ago ) in 1940 for the Swedish army. When leaving the army, soldiers often took two army objects home: the comfortable military underwear and their bicycle on which they spent so much time. Describing himself as a "bicycle missionary," Wahlbäck is president of Kronan Cykel Svenska (KCS), a company that bought the design for the Kronan bicycle from the Swedish army almost four years ago. Since then, KCS has produced more than 70,000 Kronan bikes, and the Kronan's surprising popularity has turned it into something of a cult item. Now available in the United States!

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Paul Baxendale said...

Thanks Lady L, I just drooled all over my keyboard!!! While God is answering your plea, he can go ahead and pick me up a 3 speed in green thanyouverymuch!

Nice find!


yes Paul...I'm losing sleep over this bike! Let us Pray!

k said...

looks rather inefficient, a solid cruiser, but i'd hate to go up hills with it


I live in Chicago...typical flat Urban landscape...not to many hills it's perfect for me. Cruising is what I'll be doing, most likely with my 2 year old in tow in his kiddie seat on the back!

My last bike was a Marin...before I had my son. So I was able to tear it up and go really fast. I highly recommend Marin bikes! Super light weight...solid frames!