Thursday, April 9, 2009

Faun Fables

Faun Fables is coming to Chicago April 15th...I can't wait! This photoshoot was styled by Selene of Gibbous and captured on film by her creative co-conspirator Peter Hinson!

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"FAUN FABLES is Dawn McCarthy's vivid imagination come to life in song and theater, made to explore human pathos amid an animate earth with musical & physical storytelling forms. It has been attracting a devoted and eclectic following since 1997 with numerous performances throughout North America, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and four record releases distributed worldwide on Drag City Records: EARLY SONG, MOTHER TWILIGHT, FAMILY ALBUM and THE TRANSIT RIDER."

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"Dawn McCarthy is a writer, singer and theater artist whose work is a sea of gorgeous elemental nitty gritty; haunting melodies, breath, stomping, and natural theatricality led by the voice, rooted in the physical body. It is a crossroads where ancient ballad, art song, physical theater and rock music meet. Her lyrics speak to people of all ages about things like rugged housekeeping, street kids, growing old, sleepwalking and exiled travelers returning home."


Verhext said...

you need to move to the bay, i think! your last 5 posts or so have been about things around here...well, maybe not darcy right now, but she's here a fair amount!!!

kyle ranson just had a big art sale and my boyfriend bought an amazing painting, i'll photo it - i wish the one he did of me wasn't so...dead looking. it's pretty scary. greenface!


I'm telling ya...I need to move to California! San Francisco and Oakland are on my list! Although I'm considering Portland and Brooklyn too! Moving my little family won't be I can't just pack up and go. Otherwise I would have left a long time ago!

Chicago is like being in a dead end relationship that you keep giving one more chance...breaking up is hard to do! boo hoo

Ulla said...

I adore Gibbeous, so this is pretty fabulous!

verhext said...

Oakland has my vote! It's a good place for little families - affordable but with a ton of both culture and wilderness right close!!