Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As Above~So Below

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I started a tumblr page! So on days when I don't have time for wordy posts, I'll just post images, videos and/or quotes! Sometimes an image speaks volumes! Please come visit me on Witch Mountain!


Lu said...

Wow! What a photo!!! I just love to pass by here!!!

Blessed Be!

Verhext said...

tumblr confuses me! i wish you could put credits on the photos.

so many little nooks of the interwebs.


You can! If you click on the pics it will send you to the website or original source! Unfortunatly, not everybody takes the time. It's so important to link artist and such! There are some photographs of my Black Forest Relics floating around tumblr...but no links! That's one of the reasons why I signed up!

Blood Milk said...

tumblr is my boyfriend. i just added you.

andrea said...

I love the images you've chosen for your tumblr! I'll be back for sure.

nak said...

I was wondering what's the source on this photo?
I would really love to use it as an entrance to my website!