Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Courtney Brooke Photography

Courtney Brooke contacted me recently...just to say she loves my Etsy shop and that she sent a link to all her friends! I was sooo beyond flattered! I have been a fan of her beautiful photography since the moment I stumbled across her lush portfolio! I found her through one of my favorite bands, Ex Reverie. She has photographed some of my favorite psychedelic/folk music artists...many from the Language of Stone family, also Devendra Banhart and Natasha Kahn (Bat for Lashes). Not only is she super talented...she quite lovely too! She takes beautiful self portraits, modeling for Mama Stone Vintage, Bona Drag, and her own shop, Dreamboat Vintage, on Etsy! We chatted back and forth a bit and I'm going to send her all the witchy things I'm creating to be photographed! I'm hoping for some mystical atmospheric editorial shots, as well as close ups of the items! I know what ever she does will ROCK and I can't wait!!! Everything is falling into place...Magic Magic Magic, do as you Will!

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Courtney for Mama Stone Vintage...
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Gillian Chadwick of Ex Reverie...
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Mon Petit Fantome said...

I looooove Courtney's photography! Yaaay for you sweetheart!! Mote it be indeed :)

Lu said...

Hello pagan sister!!! I recently found your marvellous blog and I surely will visit many times! Feel free to visit mine too at: http://hadictas.blogspot.com/

nath said...

How funny, I happened upon her last week and was very taken with what I saw. Your collaboration sounds like amazing fun. I also saw Bat for Lashes play live last week. Synchronicity.