Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shop Update: Black Forest Relics!

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I just added some of the relics from this collection to MY ETSY SHOP! Deer teeth and tiny hooves, Wolf teeth, bird of prey talons...all with detailed sterling silver settings!

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The Black Forest Relic Collection is a kind of Memento Mori to remind people about our current deforestation crisis: the tragic loss of the world’s sacred forest sanctuaries and the plants and animals it protects. The word "relic" denotes a supernatural object (usually a bone or other such) venerated because of association with a saint or martyr. Black Forest Relics are infused with the magic of the forest, the mythologies of the animal and a sense of imminent mourning...each one sacred in it's own right.


Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...


Seraph + Splendor said...

What a beautiful collection of relics...they gave us shivers (in a good way!) as soon as we saw them.

You have such a lovely and respectful way with your words - we always enjoy our visits!


Lux said...

I love your relics, especially the idea of reminding us about ther forests -, I've been collecting pics of, and photographing reliquaries for years from Catholic churches, I love the highly textured mixture of emotion, hope and the materials used that makes them what they are. I'm working on some automata at the moment which a based on reliquaries and hope to put them on my etsy shop soon. thanks Lady Lavona!