Sunday, March 15, 2009

Full Moon Magick!

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Spring Equinox is almost here! The Sun enters Aries, Friday March 20th! So in preparation for the new cycle I've been trying to get my spring cleaning done early! The full moon was on Tuesday March 10th...when the moon is full, that's when you want to do purification and protection rituals...because your driving away bad spirits (negative vibes, illness, ect.) Anyway, I got inspired to make a witchy protection medicine bag...This is pure swamp witch hoodoo! I'm posting it in my etsy shop Monday morning. The bag contains herbs and stones that ward off evil/harmful energies. It aids in 'hearing' the guiding voices of the ancestors. I included a coyote tooth, Coyote offers powerful medicine. He is a crossroads spirit and can unlock any door!

"Great Coyote, Trickster, Shape-Changer, keep me from danger...Cunning magician, teach me your ways...Of magical fire, of Powers much higher...Lead me to new life. Brighten my days."


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The Stapelia Company said...

I've been reading your blog awhile now and it always makes me wish I knew more about magick. Very interesting.