Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alison Scarpulla

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An enigmatic girl who is guided by voices walks swiftly down a lantern lit trail at dusk into the woods. Where is she going? Would you dare follow? Perhaps you'll just wait at the edge of the woods and wait for her return. She won't appear again until dawn when the air is crisp and dew is fresh. Where has she been? Would you dare ask?

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Alison Scarpulla lives "between worlds" and is visible only at dusk and dawn. She can guide the way to the Faerie Kingdom and the realm of Underworld...but she probably won't. She prefers to live in secrecy in her haunted house at the edge of the land. Many have sought to know her but only a chosen few are invited into her home. Once there she might make you a magick brew that allows you to see beyond the veil into the "otherworld". Or maybe she will show you her collection of magick feathers, master keys, talking skulls, and seeing stones...

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I'm doing a photo collaboration with Alison this Fall and I'm just brimming with excitement!!! We're doing the same kind of thing that Courtney Brooke and I did together. I will send her a box filled with materia magica and she will do a photoshoot based on how she intuitively connects with the objects!

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Alison is an elusive artist and generally doesn't do interviews. She would rather people just focus on her photography. This only adds to the intriguing quality of her work though, don't you think? Her compelling images encourage the viewer to use their imagination...something many people don't do often enough. Alison tells me lately she's "kinda sorta" working on music with her boyfriend. She also worked on a photo project with Mehdi Ameziane aka TwinSisterMoon for his 7" Vinyl release called "Bride Of The Spirits". Mehdi is one half of the psychedelic folk duo Natural Snow Buildings. The other half of the duo is Solange Gularte, her solo project is called Isengrind. All three projects, Twinsistermoon/Isengrind/Natural Snow Buildings, come together on "The Snowbringer Cult" a limited edition CD of 1000 packaged in a gorgeous 4 panel sleeve featuring gorgeous artwork by Solange. You can purchase through the Students of Decay website. Click on the mp3 links below to listen...dreamy!

twinsistermoon :: bride of the spirts
isengrind :: to ride with holle
natural snow buildings :: gone


Stella Dora von Swineburg said...

That last pic is a photograph? Fantastic! Congrats on your project, it sounds really exciting!

Uncommon Objects Blog said...

Fantastic Lavona!!
Alison is sweet and talented.
I actually sent her a goodie package a little while ago with one of your Forest Relics.
What a small small small world honey!

apophenia said...

what a fantastic project! And I just love your blog so much (came to it by way of Angel's blog, I think...), and thank you for introducing me to the work of this amazing photographer. I love photocollaborations like that, although I've never done them with objects--the closest I've done was collaborative double-exposure shooting with a holga.

Nica, a fellow inhabitant of the magical universe