Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank You!!!

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Wow, what an honor! I've received the Domestic Witch Blog Award from Carolina Gonzalez! Carolina keeps an amazing magickal lifestyle blog, I look forward to each and every inspiring! She's one crafty lady and you can find her witchy wares in her Hoodoo Shop on Etsy! I'm especially smitten with her embroidery!

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Thank you for passing this award along to me Carolina! Now I'm supposed to pass this along to 3 of my favorite Witchy Blogs. (I would give this award to Sarah, the Witch of Forest Grove, but she already got it!) The following people are not Witchcraft practitioners per se, but people who are inherently Witchy and live magickal lifestyles!

Sasha and Amber of Violet Folklore met at an Herbal Apprenticeship! They share a love for fashion, art, herbalism, nature, music, and community! Together they keep a lovely magical lifestyle blog that accompanies their vintage clothing shop by the same name, Violet Folklore~haunted threads! I hear they may be adding herbal products to their shop!? I think these gals are the "bees knees" thanks for sharing the love and magick ladies! xo!

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Next we have Chad of Mon Petit Fantome! This magick man weaves an enchanting web of music, arts and crafts! Chad is a super supportive friend that I met through Etsy! He owns many of my Black Forest Relics and I have a lovely collection of fanciful forest inspired goodness from his shop too! I think Chad should be featured on the Selby because I want an official tour of his Witchy lil' house! (Chad is pictured below with his bandmate Tracy.) Thanks for all the support and endless inspiration Chad! xo!

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Then we have Tamera Jane, the loveliest Gypsy Witch you ever did see! She blogs about her magickal lifestyle on her blog Verhext! Tamera is equal parts Urban Gypsy and Wood Witch! When she's not working hard and living "La Vie Boheme" in California, she's working hard to build a cabin in the woods of Central Vermont! (She has mad style and you can find her vintage and handmade goodies in her Etsy shop!) Someday we're going to have the best Gypsy Witch party in the woods...I just know it!

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I know I'm only supposed to list 3...but this post would not be complete without the fabulous bohemian belle, Angeliska! Talk about a magickal lifestyle, I'm certain fairies and gnomes must live in her house! Oh look, kitchen witchery! Black Forest cake is in the oven for desert!

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Do you live a magickal lifestyle too? If so, I want to hear all about it!


Anonymous said...

You deserve this award! I love your blog~

Lady Lavona said...

Thank you Rose! xo! Lavona

tamerajane said...

thank you! i want everyone in this post (and you, of course!) stirring a cauldron in the Vermont woods, sooner rather than later!! I have no doubt it will happen. <3

Angeliska said...

Aw, Thanks Lavona!
This made me so happy,
and what good company we are in!
Cauldrons in the woods, yes please
and SOON! The moon is rising..
xoxo A.

Violet Folklore said...

Yay! Thanks Lavona! What a treat to scroll down and read about.. us! I adore your blog and the rad things/people/images you have brought into my consciousness.



Unknown said...

love all the herby and vintagey stuff!

Mia Araujo said...

Congrats!! Great links too ^__^


congrats Lady!!! I realize I visit your blog at my most witchiest! Naked, happy, inspired+ plugged in +super powerful. That's the cauldrons in the woods vibe for us NYC'ers! Thank you for that reflection! Jade