Sunday, August 30, 2009

Viona Art

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I'm currently costume obsessed as I'm still trying to pull together several costumes for future photo projects! You might remember me telling you about the Sorceress costume project! I'm still trying to make this happen! I'm totally inspired by the wonderful fairytale photography of Viona Art! She makes all the costumes that her models wear, she's over the top...check out her website! I really admire people who can construct even the simplest garments. I wish I had formal training, even just for making everyday wear. I need a cloak hoodie for this's getting chilly in Chicago already!

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- Mr David said...

I always love the photos you find; very inspirational! Have you done any work toward the Sorceress costume project?

-D said...

Her photos are beautiful and I can't believe it, but I just made a cloak with a very similar hood to the one she is wearing as Cerrunos' lady for my daughter to celebrate her first birthday!

Lady Lavona said...

Mr. Poe: Glad you enjoy the things I post! I haven't started the construction of the costume yet...I'm going to need help. I've been collecting fabric n' such. I got a vintage black fox fur pelt, a lot of vintage chimpanzee hair/fur...feathers, leather remenants.

mmarch93: Your daughter is beautiful...oh, they grow so fast! Great job on her little cloak!

Wicked Halo said...

Wow, Viona's work is really something to ogle about!

Good luck with your Sorceress project, looking forward to see it :)