Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lily Fawn

Robyn Von Swank introduced me to the wonderful world of the lovely Lily Fawn a while back. (Robyn knows Lily from her hometown of Victoria, British Columbia.) Lily is one half of the unstoppable vaudeville-rock duo, Hank Pine and Lily Fawn. She recently released a solo album to tell her story. Lily's Lullaby album, Brightest Darkest, is a full-length release comprised of story telling ballads about baby snatching, woodland animals, deadly romance and fairytale nightmares. The album comes with with it’s own hardcover storybook so you can follow along with the songs! Lily’s voice sounds like a long lost relative of Julie Cruz, Johanna Newsome or Blossom Dearie. The music is inspired by artists such as; Bjork, Blonde Redhead, Godspeed You Black Emperor!

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Hank Pine and Lily Fawn the comic book series chronicles the sad, twisted and wonderful travels of our two, (three including the dead body in the garbage bag) New Orleans bound nomads! The Hank Pine and Lily Fawn Show is a vaudeville inspired variety act based upon the tragic and hilarious adventures of their comic book series. Like the great acts of old, the music covers many genres, yet all stems from a punk rock ethic! Lily tap-dances and plays the musical saw; trumpet, ukulele, flute, drums and sings! Hank also lends his vocals to this project and plays a mean guitar! In addition to her solo album, she released two albums with her partner in crime, Hank Pine.

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"Together their act is eye catching and foot stomping, based upon the tragic and hilarious adventures of their comic book. Hank is tall mysterious figure and member of a secret dooms day cult called the A.S.S. (Avatars of the Second Sun). Lily is a half-deer, half-human forest creature with a penchant for stealing babies from near by villages, thus rescuing them from the perils of our modern world. It is as though Lily fell out of a 1920’s fairytale, innocent and dangerous."

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You can also catch Lily tooting her horn in her other band Meatdraw. But wait folks, that's not all! She created a line of organic and wildcrafted herbal products, Earth's Herbal and Lilith Moon Products! She offers medicinal teas, skin salves, aromatherapy, tattoo care products, sex enhancers, and Trance Tonic!

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Michelle said...

I love the top photo - the antlers look really natural.
Somebody should tell Lily to perform at the annual NYC Musical Saw Festival - www.musicalsawfestival.org - I bet she would feel at home there.