Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rolling Homes

I would want mine to have some big stained glass windows. These are easy to salvage just about anywhere in the city, but maybe I could even make my own! I would just want enough space for a little kitchenette with family size dining area. And also a lounging/sleeping area...a little gypsy love den with lots of big floor pillows! I would light up the place at night with candles tucked away safely in Moroccan lanterns. It would be nice to have a lofted sleeping area for my kids to climb up into! I also want a small antique wood burning stove, like the ones they used to keep Victorian parlors or bedrooms warm. The website Antique French Stove Co. has the most beautiful stoves you've ever seen in every jewel tone color imaginable. I fancy the black one though, it's witchy!

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