Thursday, August 20, 2009

and they lived happily ever after...

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Are they not the cutest couple!? There are so many nauseating wedding related blogs out there, so these two are really a sight for sore eyes! You might recollect my cynical rantings about American wedding customs and can read that HERE. But honestly, I hold the ideals of Love and partnership in high esteem. Love is the Formula of the Universe! Love should not thwart one's true nature or obstruct one's destiny. I was thinking about Crowley's motto: "Love is the Law, Love under Will." I recommend you explore this ideology and integrate it into your belief's on point! Just click HERE... I don't believe in such a thing as the blind or obedient love that religion promotes...that's entrapment. If there is no Freedom in Love, where else will you seek Liberation? Money won't liberate you! If you believe that, you become a slave to your material desires and you'll never find true fulfillment. I think Marriage should be based solely on LOVE: two individuals (who honor each others differences) that make a commitment to evolve together and can then extend their positive energies outward for the evolution of the collective.

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For those of you who have chosen not to walk the beaten path in life...your wedding day should be no different! Here are some alternative wedding links:

1. Once Wed ~ This blog features mostly modest yet beautiful and creative Handmade Weddings! They even feature great DIY projects!

2. Ethical Weddings ~ An eco-chic wedding blog...for those for you who want a "Green Wedding" this is an amazing resource! They feature things like organic, vegetarian, and vegan catering ideas, vintage wedding dresses, conflict free diamonds and recycled gold! Awesome!

3. The Offbeat Bride ~ this blog rocks, it covers, tattooed brides, punk, goth and steampunk weddings, eco-weddings for bohemians and hippies, lesbian weddings from the femme "lipstick lesbians" to butch, transmasculine beings, and other gender-benders), and just about every other theme you can think of!

4. Tattooed Brides ~ more tattooed ladies & gents...

5. Wedding Skulls ~ Goth, Halloween, Steampunk, Rockabilly, Heavy Metal, and Punk Rock Weddings!

6. So You're enGAYged ~ A great resource for same sex couples. I found quite a few others out there but suprisingly enough, nothing too exciting. Prop 8 Prop 8 Prop 8...lots of that coming up. Listen folks, I know this is an important issue...but don't let it ruin your special day!!! Fuck the Government and go out and have yourself a fabulous wedding!!! All of my gay friends are artistic types and ex-club kids. I would love to see any one of them get married because I know their weddings would be totally over the top! My suggustions? Have your wedding officiated by one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or have your wedding at one of the many Radical Faerie Sanctuaries!

7. Interracial or Interfaith Weddings ~ There are so many resources so just google it! I think it's so important to get this right. Cultural alchemy is no easy task to pull off but balance will ensure everyone is comfortable and has a good time!


Kelly Prizel said...

Hey! I'm Kelly, the founder of So You're EnGAYged. We would *love* your input on helping make our site more exciting and what your looking for. We just started a few months ago and always looking to improve our site. For real. Email me at :)

Uncommon Objects Blog said...

Ooooh...I've dreamed about my perfect wedding since I was 15! Haha...All I'll say, as to not *totally* embarass myself, is that it involved walking out to Cocteau Twins' "Pearly Dewdrops Drops", fake snow, and a black carriage! Oh the drama...xo.

Zoe said...

"I think Marriage should be based solely on LOVE: two individuals (who honor each others differences) that make a commitment to evolve together and can then extend their positive energies outward for the evolution of the collective"

Thanks for posting on this! As someone with negative views on 'traditional' marriage, I found your quote to be a beautiful and succinctly put description of what we can all hope for.

Lovely resources as well: I especially dig the Tattooed Brides!

Lady Lavona said...

Oh, Chad! That sounds dreamy! You pay such great attention to details...I can only imagine how amazing your wedding would be! You'd better invite me!

Glad you all enjoyed the post! :)

Bluebird said...

I agree, most wedding blogs i see make me want to throw up! thanks for your thoughtful insight and resources! love that hip happy couple photo

Nicomi Nix Turner said...

Aw, they are adorable! Ohhh, weddings. The most complicated, unnecessarily stressful way to say I will love you forever.