Saturday, August 1, 2009

Botany in Wonderland ~ Imaginary Botanicals

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There is an artist known as "Fourteen (14)" who is working on a series of imaginary botanical illustrations for a book she's putting together called Botany in Wonderland! This is right up my alley since I'm totally botany obsessed! Oh, you are too? I have a whole string of "Green Magick" blog posts that you might enjoy so check those out! But now, feast your hungry eyes on this girl's wonderful illustrations! Her work reminds me of Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You, which of course I LOVE!

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If that tickled your fancy, I know you're going to want one of these fabulous candles from Black Chandelier! (They are on sale for half price!) If anyone wants to send me a gift :) hint hint...haha! "Black Chandelier has traveled far and wide to bring you the most strange and magical scents in exsistence for the Imaginary Botanicals Collection. From haunted caverns to man-eating swamps, we have tirelessly chased these illusive and legendary botanicals to create wonderfully intoxicating candles. Don't bother referencing botanical texts for the registry of these plants, leaves and fruits; search instead fairytales, legends and the dreamiest dalliances of your own heart."

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zoe said...

wow! this book is going to be incredible! what beautiful illustrations! thanks...

Anonymous said...

lady...your are great!!!everytime u amaze me

Unknown said...

I just stumbled onto ur blog, Amazing work!! U have a new fan!! :)
Looking forward to reading around ur blog!

tamerajane said...

eeee! i can't wait til that book is out and i can get it for the baby-wees.

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